hi there! I've created this short instruction on how to take your body measurements for a custom made dress.

when taking your measurements, try to wear only your undergarments because this will probably be the only thing you will be wearing under the dress. wear a bra that you would normally wear. a padded bra is OK if thats what you wear all the time.

TOOLS you will need: Cloth tape measure, A pencil & Paper, a piece of string/ribbon, a full length mirror.


stand up straight and do not tuck in your tummy. the last thing you want is for your dress to be tight. do not let the tape droop , and do not pull it tight. just hold it so that it just sits on your body with no gaps.

FIRST: Tie a piece of string around you natural waistline. this will keep your measurements accurate and consistent

your height determines if you wear Petite (short ) sizes. the back length of people under 5'4 is usually shorter than people over 5'4. So this is really important!

take the tape measure under your arms and go around the FULLEST part of your chest. go across your nipples

around the NARROWEST part of your Torso. Usually 1.5in above your belly button. NOT where you wear your Jeans/pants) do not pull in your tummy. just relax and take your measurements all the way around your waist.

with your legs together, measure around the WIDEST part of your hips. usually around your bum. NOT AROUND YOUR HIPBONES ( hipbones are higher up and its USUALLY not the largest part of your bum)
Measure from your WAIST to where you want your hem to end.

Measure from the point where your shoulder meets your arm, across to the other point of the shoulder, making sure the tape measure takes the curved contour high crossing the base of the neck.

Measure from Your Nape (the most prominent bone at the base of your neck) to your natural waist. Make sure you stand straight and you might need a friend to help you. (Tilting your head down makes the measurement longer and therefor INACCURATE. so look straight ahead)

BICEP: Measure around the FULLEST part of your upper arm.

with your arm down by your side (illustration is wrong), measure from the top of your shoulder to where you want the sleeve to end

This determines how low you want your neckline to be. Measure from the dip in your neck to the desired neckline Depth